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Mr Hunt



Mr Hunt has overall responsibility for the school and co-ordinates Planning and Assessment, Child Protection, PE as well as running the School Council.







Miss Toates

(Deputy Head)

Year 5 teacher


Miss Toates co-ordinates Numeracy and Assessment.

Miss Bartlett supports children in this classroom.

Mrs Parker and Mrs Winder

Reception Teachers

Mrs Parker and Mrs Winder teach our Reception class. Mrs Parker is our RE leader. Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Tedstone are the TAs in Reception.

Miss Carter - EYFS and KS1 Coordinator 

Miss Carter is our Literacy Co-ordinator and is a Warwickshire County moderator who leads Literacy based groups/lessons in most classrooms. 

Miss Allard

Year 2 Teacher

KS2 Co-ordinator


Miss Allard co-ordinates Science and Gifted and Talented. Ms Kilminster is the TA in this classroom.

Mrs Clee



Mrs Clee is our school secretary. She has an important role in helping the school to run smoothly. She also helps run the school council

Miss King

Year 1 Teacher


Miss King is the Year 1 teacher and co-ordinates PSHE and History. She helps to run the performance choir. Mrs Hand and Mrs Wood are the TAs in Year 1.

Mrs Geals

Year 3 Teacher


Miss Geals co-ordinates Art and DT and is in charge of updating the displays around the school. Miss Mitchell and Miss Thruston are the TAs in this classroom.


Miss Tipper

Year 4 Teacher


Miss Tipper teaches Year 4 and is Music Co-ordinator. She runs the cheerleading dance club. Miss Ballinger, Mrs Clayton and Miss Stepien   are the TAs in this classroom.

Mr York

Covers senior management time and PPA


Mr York runs most of the school sports clubs and helps with the school gardening. He is also a keen mathematician who helps children succeed in their 11+ tests and Level 6 Booster groups.

Mrs Jones/Mrs Burton

Year 6 Teachers


Mrs Jones co-ordinates ICT, Computing, E-safety and Modern Foreign Languages. Miss Willis and Miss Miller support children in this classroom. 




Mrs Hughes

 (SENCO and leads singing practise as well as helping to run the school choir )


Mrs Spicer, Mrs Freeth and Mrs Mobley

(Speech and Language support) 


Mandy Waite and Heidi Watts

(Traveller support) 


M. Klein and Miss K Stepien - EAL support 





Mr Hunt - headteacher

Mrs Clee  - Clerk

Mrs Shotton - Chair

Mrs Strangwood - Vice Chair

Miss Carter

Mr Harwood

Mrs Perslow

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Moss

Mr Penn



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