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School Disco

Many thanks to Jo Hancox and the Friends of Bishopton committee, plus the staff who helped run yet another successful school disco last Friday.  Everyone had a fantastic time, well done.

The next meeting for ‘Friends of Bishopton’ will be on Monday 3rd March straight after school in the Library.  This will be mainly to discuss arrangements for the Spring/Easter Fayre, so they hope as many people as possible will be able to come along to the meeting.  New members are always welcome. 



A huge thank you to Jo Hancox, her team of helpers and all the staff who helped to organise yet again another fantastic event.  The Christmas fair made just over £850.00 profit, which is a fantastic amount and this will be used to purchase items for all Bishopton children.


There will be a very brief AGM for FOBS straight after school on Friday 18th October at 3.20pm in the school library.  They would be delighted to see as many parents/friends/relatives as possible attend.




 The next meeting for FOBS will be tomorrow evening – 3rd October at 7pm at the Squirrel Pub.  Everyone is welcome to attend and the committee would be delighted to see new members.  Items on the agenda are the school disco and setting a date for the AGM.


The first event organised by FOBS will be the school disco on Friday 18th October.  More details will follow.  If you are interested in becoming a member of FOBS then please speak to Mrs. Clee in the school office.  They are always looking for new volunteers who can offer help at any events and ave new fundraising ideas.






The next big event that our fantastic team on ‘Friends of Bishopton’ are organising will be the ‘Summer Fayre on Saturday 13th July.  More details will follow but the Fayre will start around noon and there will be lots of events and stalls taking place.  Bouncy castle, pony rides, Fire Engine, BBQ, Bands playing from the local Secondary School are just a few of the items on the agenda, so please look out for details.  Look out for the colouring competition that is coming home, create a colour poster on the template or design your own.  The winning design will be used as a display poster to advertise the fayre and also be printed on the front of the programme.  There is also a prize to be won!


Friends of Bishopton Meeting


A meeting will take place this Friday 12th April at 9.30am at Jo Hancox’s house.  If you need the address please ask Mrs. Clee.  We do hope lots of people can attend to help organise the next fund raising event.  Thank you.




The next meeting for FOBS will be this Friday 1st February at 9.30am at the Chair’s House – Jo Hancox.  We do hope as many people as possible can attend to help organise future events for the children of Bishopton.  If you are unsure of Jo’s address please see Mrs. Clee.


We would like to say a huge thank you to the new committee of ‘Friends of Bishopton School’ for all your hard work on the build up to the Christmas Fayre and on the day itself.  It was a fantastic event and very well supported.  We look forward to lots more exciting events over the coming year.  Approximately £1,000.00 was made at this event which is an excellent amount and will benefit all of the children at Bishopton.


 FOBS – Christmas Fair


A reminder that our Christmas Fair takes place this Saturday 8th December from 12-3.00pm.  We do hope as many people as possible will attend as it looks like it’s going to be a very busy fair with lots of exciting stalls and of course a visit from Father Christmas!  Again, if you are able to help, then please let any member of FOBS know or Mrs. Clee in the school office.

Friday 7th December is a Non-Uniform Day, in exchange for a chocolate tombola prize.  Children are also being asked to bring in a good quality book that they no longer read for the book stal

Please return all raffle tickets to the school office by Friday morning 7th December.  Thank you.



FOBS – Christmas Fair


 The eldest child in every family will be bringing home an envelope from FOBS containing raffle tickets for their Christmas raffle together with a flyer.  Please do your best to sell the tickets enclosed and return to school as soon as possible. If you are unable to sell, please return to the office so we can pass them on to other people. 


Friday 7th December will be a non school uniform day in exchange for a chocolate tombola prize that can be used at the fair.  FOBS are also asking if every child could please donate a good quality book that they no longer use for their book stall.


Friends of Bishopton School will be holding another planning meeting for the Christmas Market at 9.00am in the school Library on Friday 23rd November.  We do hope as many people as possible can come along and support them. Thank you



Many thanks to Mrs. Hancox and her team of helpers who ran a very successful Disco on Friday night.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was great to see so many people helping out.  Thank you.


The next meeting for FOBS to organise the Christmas Fayre, will be immediately after school this Friday – 16th November at 3.20pm in the school library.  We hope as many people as possible can attend to help them organise another great event.



Friends of Bishopton Primary School  


Friends of Bishopton Primary will be holding a school disco on Friday 9th November in the hall.

Years 1, 2, 3   = 5.30pm - 6.15pm  £1.00 per ticket       Years 4, 5, 6 = 6.30pm – 7.30pm     £1.50 per ticket

Consent forms will be sent home shortly and only pupils registered at Bishopton School may attend.

  The next planning meeting for FOBS will be on Wednesday 24th October at 6pm at the Squirrel Pub.  Everyone is welcome to attend.



F.O.B.S will be holding their AGM next Wednesday 26th September straight after school at 3.20pm in the school library.  We would be delighted to see as many new members as possible to bring new ideas for events and fund raising activities.  Even if you can only help occasionally they would be delighted to welcome you on board.  If you are unable to attend but would like to help run events or be involved in any way, please let Mrs. Clee know in the school office and she will pass your name onto the new Chair when they are elected.  Mr. Hunt and Mrs. Clee will be happy to entertain your child for the duration of the meeting!  Thank you. 



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